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Hawaiian Falls offers job opportunities for candidates sixteen (16) years of age ad older in a safe, value-centered, conservative and exciting atmosphere. There are great opportunities for students, teachers, single parents, extra wage earners and seniors.

Ability to communicate clearly via phone and email, proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel, handle filing and reception duties, and other office tasks as needed.
Birthday Host-Cabana Attendant
Greets and assists birthday and cabana parties. Takes and delivers food orders and other items. Assists with customer payments. Cleans assigned areas. Must be organized, energetic, enthusiastic, and enjoy working with customers of all ages.
Camp Counselor
The camp counselor is responsible for a specific number of campers and ensuring the enjoyment of each camper in a safe environment.Must be responsible, energetic, empathetic, enthusiastic, leader, patient, dependable, mature, able to work independently and as a team, and display a constant positive attitude.
Cash Control
Assist in handling of all cash operations at the park, help in providing end of day and daily reports to necessary people, oversee all cash control policies regarding cashiers and security, and perform some administrative duties throughout the day. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for this position. This position is subject to a background and credit check.
Provide TDH & NREMT license, provide care to sick and injured people, have proficient knowledge of two radios, keep work area clean and free of blood borne pathogens, keep equipment clean and stocked daily. All E.M.T’s must complete Sexual Abuse and Harassment Training.
Food and Beverage
Must have ability to follow directions as it relates to food safety and personal wellness, maintain a clean work environment at all times, obtain a food handler permit as required by health department, and follow all city health and fire codes as they pertain to cooking and preparing of food. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to interview for cook positions.
Front Gate
Operate cash registers, handle tickets, assist in cooler and bag checks, monitor exit and reentry into park, and handle guests concerns.
Assist in catering of group events, coordinating activities for groups events, and cleaning areas daily. Coordinating group orders and processing payment.
Must perform lifeguard duties after receiving certification from Hawaiian Falls, attend weekly in-service meetings, and maintain a clean working environment.
New Lifeguard
Certification: $165
Lifeguard Renewal
Certification: $85
Maintenance/Park Services
Maintain restroom areas, grounds, and all buildings to ensure cleanliness, operate equipment to clean pools and slides (18 years of age and up only), handle some chemicals using proper personal equipment (18 years of age and up only). Note: Most maintenance positions will require the employee to be at least 18 years of age.
Parking Attendant
Responsible for safely shuttling guests from their cars to the entrance of the park and marking off reserved spaces during the weekends. ou must be at least 18 years of age for this position.
Greet customers and ascertain what each customer wants or needs. Open and close cash registers. Answer questions regarding the store and its merchandise. Clean shelves, counters, and tables. Inventory stock and requisition new stock.


PLEASE NOTE: Everything our guests see and hear contributes to their “total experience.” Our employees must agree to maintain a professional, neat and clean appearance.

Uniforms – All employees are required to purchase a uniform at the cost of approximately $65 to $75 before their first workday. Uniform includes a shirt, shorts, belt and hat.

Name Tags – Must be worn and visible at all times.

Facial Hair - Mustaches and beards are not allowed. All Ambassadors must report to work clean-shaven.

Hair – Neat, natural haircuts are essential. Men's hair should be above the collar and not below the ears. Sideburns below the ears, ponytails, dreadlocks, extreme teasing, dyeing, bleaching or tinting are not permissible.

Shoes/ Socks – Comfortable tennis shoes (must be 80% white in color) with white socks are required for all ambassadors (excluding lifeguards). Water Safety staff may wear sandals with a back strap. No flip flops allowed.

Jewelry – One ring permitted on each hand, with the exception of wedding sets. A single pair of post earrings is acceptable only for females as long as the earring is no larger than the size of a dime. Dangle earrings are not allowed. Other than post earrings for females, piercings are not permitted. Male ambassadors may not wear earrings.

Sunglasses – Sunglasses are permitted but must be removed when conversing with a guest.

Makeup – Women may wear makeup to enhance natural features and create a fresh appearance. Extremes in lipstick, blush or eye makeup color and application are not permitted.

Fingernails – Clean and presentable nails are a must. If nail polish is used, extreme colors and application will not be permitted. Ambassadors in food service are not permitted to wear nail polish for safety reasons.

Tattoos – Ambassadors may not expose tattoos. A make-up cover up or bandage will be required to cover any tattoo not completely covered by an assigned uniform.

Cell Phones, Pagers & iPods – Ambassadors in uniform are not allowed to use cell phones at the park or entering the park from the parking lot.

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